Welcome to Student Fiction – The place where stuff happens (literally ! )

Hello world ! I am Debankush Mridha, student by the day and aspiring blogger by the night. Back in 2015 one of my friends told me about blogging. At that time I had no experience in this field, this dynamic medium, etc. But none the less I already wanted my own blog. It is still my hobby.

About Me

I am right now just a middle school student living in India with love and passion for Technology, Universe, Science, New Ideas and just a whole lot more of random stuff. It unfortunate to see that to this day many people believe that children can’t do stuff like this. I want to prove them wrong. I don’t have many friends, but I love to meet new people and go to new places. It is amazing to see how many people living in the modern world actually don’t know about the silent innovations. Through out my life I have seen more change than anyone else I know about

We take the sheer power and seemingly endless possibilities we have at our disposal for granted. The new generation of today is growing up in a way that is unlike anything we have ever experienced in the past before. Our world is changing. We are right now at the very start of a revolution that will change humanity forever. We want everyone to be part of this revolution. So, we keep you updated from the one giant leap to your new smartphone