Call of Duty : Warzone Is it worth your time ?

Activision just released call of duty warzone, and apart from being an amazing game, it is also the first call of duty to be completely free. So, is it worth your time and 80 gb of your computer memory ?

The game is primarily battle royal but there is another mode called plunder. The game introduces so many new features, that, one article isn’t enough to discuss them all. There will be another follow up article (or articles, I love this game) to discuss them all in depth. The map is massive. 150 players. The sheer scale of this battle royal game blows my mind. Graphics is also breathtaking, with the assets being borrowed directly from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Gameplay is smooth, fast-paced and most importantly, fun, with both cautious and callous gameplay.


If you actually want to get into this game right now, I must warn you. It ships with a few bugs. None of this is game breaking though…kind of…well except one. The biggest bug at this point which has been brought up by many people, is the way kills are currently handled. If you knock down somebody, it is not counted as kill till that person is actually dead. And this means that your teammate or someone else could steal your kill. Which is super frustrating. It happened to me and I am not forgiving infinity ward till they fix it. On the bright side however, infinity ward tweeted saying that this issue is their top priority.

Other issues include crashes, lag, download problems, but currently most of the problems have been resolved.

Final verdict : –

So, finally, is this game worth your time ? Yes, absolutely. If you are a fan of multiplayer games and battle royal games, you will love cod : warzone. Even someone who hates battle royal style games (like me) can like this game. I never expected this game to be so good. But no, it is amazing. I would say it deserves a 9.4 out of 10. Outstanding.

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