Parker Solar probe : Space mission of the century

On 12th of August, Unites Launch Alliance launched a delta 4 heavy rocket caring a NASA payload that was going to create history, after being delayed by 24 hours.

Parker solar probe is Humanities attempt to understand more about our nearest star, Sun. So, what’s so great about this mission ? This will be our closest approach to the sun yet at 6 million kilometers which is 7 times closer than our previous closest. Now that number might not sound very impressive but the sun has very unique property that unlike the way heat spreads when it is hotter at the core, the sun’s atmosphere is hotter than it’s surface thus the Parker Solar Probe will be enduring temperatures no solar probe has ever encountered before. During it’s 13 years of operating life it will do 7 flybys towards the sun with the first in September of this year.


This too great and important a mission to be cramped into 1 article. This is like a basic mission overview and we will have more follow up articles.

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