The brief history of a GENIUS

The greatest genius after Albert Einstein, Stephen William Hawking, the legend who combined the laws of nature and quantum physics, passes away on 14th March at the age of 76. At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease which left most of his voluntary organs inactive. But despite being confined to a wheelchair, he roamed the cosmos and came up with the most groundbreaking theories. What did he do? Well in simple terms it is when is a black hole not black (weird) he proved the black holes can explode and release particles, also that natural laws of physics apply to these quantum monsters. How is this sooooo earth shattering? Well, this has helped to bridge the gap between quantum and standard physics. Thus explaining the theory of everything and the string theory (they are almost same). This is further proved when calculations showed that black holes do release particles. This idea is so new that no one (not even hawking) believed it.


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