Why Python is the next big thing ?

So, Python is like the new kid on the block. It is taking over the World of programming and is being adopted by more and more developers everyday as their primary language and it already has numerous applications in numerous industries like web industry, machine learning and ai, etc. Today we will analyse why.

All the craze that Python is gathering recently, accounts for its simple architecture and easy to learn features. 8 of the highest 10 computer science departments now use python to show coding, in addition to 27 of the top 39 schools.

Python’s open source community, numerous libraries for assistance, compatibility with various platforms and user-friendly data structures makes it reliable and easy to work on.

Here are three reasons why Python is currently dominating the programming space.

1. Ease of learning

Python is consistently ranked as one of the easiest programming languages to learn, and is known for its high reliability and simple syntax, which are a draw for new coders in particular.

2. The explosion of AI, machine learning, and data science in the enterprise

Growth in Python use has been fastest among data scientists, and particularly those working in machine learning, Stack Overflow found. “According to the data that we have, the patterns of visits that we see people using Python for data science is what is behind the really dramatic rise in the use of Python,” Silge said.

3. A large developer community

Python is used in a wide number of applications from AI, to video games, to productivity tools. “Since it has enjoyed a wide dissemination and acceptance across many disciplines, it now has a huge developer community,” Panetta said. “There is an abundance of open source Python libraries available that can most likely achieve what you need to help solve your problem.”

Here are three reasons why Python is currently dominating the programming space.

There are numerous reasons why it is better than other languages.

  • Where on one hand PHP is a web-oriented language having a single semantic entry point, on the other hand, Python Programming, on the other hand, is a versatile language which is applicable for web development as well
  • Java requires the explicit declaration of variables, whereas Python has no such requirement, rather the syntax is simple.
  • Similarly, C# also needs to follow various rules while writing- blocks of the code wrapped in brackets. Python doesn’t have such methods and rules, moreover, it uses shift which makes the code look neater.
  • Ruby on Rails one hand has various approaches, Python has only one.

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